Dream of Reality part 1





Come here, mum.”

Why, what’s wrong?”

I’m scared.”

Of what?”

Mom came in to his room and looked at her little son a bit amazed. He was just turned five years and had never caused any problems. He was maybe a little shy, but kind and polite, the kind of a child anyone would want to have with his cute, happy smile of a child. Now he sat on his bed, there were lights on in his room and he hugged his fluffy bunny toy, which he had owned since he was just a couple days old.

Of the monsters”, boy whispered. Mom sighed and sat next to him on the bed.

Where are they, honey?” mom asked. Boy looked around him for a while and then said: ”In the closet and under the bed.”

Mom sighed again, went to the kitchen and came back with two flashlights.

One for you and one for me, okay?” mom gave his son a flashlight and showed how it worked. Then he came down from his bed and sat next to his mother on the floor. Mom smiled and after thinking for a moment the boy smiled back at her.

I count in three. Ready?” boy nodded. ”One… two.. three!”

At the same time they turned their flashlights on and lighted up the space under the bed. The only thing they saw was an old, already broken toycar with two short colouring pencils inside it. Boy sighed deeply and smiled at his mom.

Can I be the one to open the closet?” he asked and he mother nodded while laughing silently. Boy ran to the other side of the room with his flashlight still on. He was just about to reach the doorknob, when door opened by itself.

Inside the closet he saw just two big eyes staring at him, glowing in the light of his torch, while something growled there with a low, deep voice.

His flashlight started flickering.


He turned around. The room was empty.

He turned back to see the thing in the closet. It began to move towards him, still growling.

Mum! Mum! Muuum!”

He shout for nobody. There was no one there. He was alone.

Then his flashlight flickered for the last time and finally the last light in the room died.



It ended as suddenly as if it was a TV-show. Rabe opened his eyes and raised his head. In front of him stood his biology teacher, mr Grey, who didn’t look like happy.

Did you have a nice day-time dream, mr. Vorbote?” he asked. ”Should you go and find a nice place from a corridor to sleep in?”

Actually I wasn’t sleeping”, Rabe stammered.

Well, then I bet you can tell what were we talking about just a minute ago”, mr. Grey said. Rabe swallowed and tried with a silent voice: ”About… birds? Paradise birds?”

We were talking about parasites, but close enough. You can stay in class”, Grey walked back to the front of the classroom, but turned quickly around there and with a very serious face he said to Rabe: ”But this was the last one time I will give you mercy, mr Vorbote. Next time I find you sleeping in my class I will kick you out faster than you can think the word ‘excuse’.”

Yes, sir. I understand”, Rabe murmured and concentrated on his book again. He felt how his cheeks were burning as red as tomatoes. He felt himself stupid. How could he fall asleep on mr Grey’s biology lesson? He liked biology and knew how strict man mr Grey was. But still, it didn’t feel like a dream. It felt so real, like a memory does. But it couldn’t be a memory, because no monsters excist. And Rabe knew it very well.

Bell rang and students quickly packed their stuff and left the class. Rabe was one of the first ones to hurry out to the corridor. Fast he walked to the second floor where his locker was, left his biology book there, took math book with him and after locking the locker door he walked out of the school. Rabe had a look at the clock in his hand. He had ten minutes before next class, so he went looking for a nice place from a grass area on their schoolyard. It was a nice, warm day of spring, sun shined up in the sky and Rabe smiled when stepping on the grass.

Suddenly happened something. When Rabe stepped on the grass, he felt himself dizzy and heard a child’s voice behind him asking scared: ”Mum?”

Rabe turned quickly around to see who was talking, but there was no one behind him and while still feeling dizzy his sense of balance got messed up and he fell down to the ground, and the last thing he remembered was the voice who asked if he was ok.

Then his eyes closed and he fell to the dark unconsciousness.


About swangel

I am Swangel, a little dreamer from North. I like to write and draw a lot, and I wish to make unforgettable stuff for as many as possible. :)
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